Very often, a bad result is not enough to be able to identify if your son or daughter needs school reinforcement. Like most children, it is difficult for them to tell their parents what is really wrong. That is why we must consider a few issues.

It is increasingly common for parents to complain of an excessive burden of homework for their children in schools. On other occasions, however, we normalize that the child is doing tasks and jobs every afternoon and we do not know when it is too much. With the school reinforcement, we deepen and review all the knowledge acquired in the classrooms. Thanks to the help of the teacher in our center, all the doubts of the subjects taught are resolved, helping to better understand the syllabus and facilitating study techniques improving, in short, the results and academic progress.

When does our child need school reinforcement?

As the course progresses, sometimes children may have difficulties in learning certain subjects, to get to fulfill their tasks or achieve a good concentration in study. But we usually put the cry in the sky at the moment when we see a suspense in one or several subjects in the quarterly report card.

Before reaching that point, some of the signs that we show below, can indicate that our son or daughter needs support in the study:

  • It must be made clear that there is no minimum age at which school reinforcement classes are required. These may be necessary in primary, secondary education, baccalaureate or university levels.
  • Excessive distraction or boredom in classes may be due to the fact that the level of the same does not correspond to what the child needs. This usually happens in classes with a large number of students.
  • Lack of study habit.
  • Not knowing how to prepare for exams.
  • The academic pressure is too much for your son or daughter to adapt to it at their own pace.

When the time comes, we must talk about it with the student's tutor and assess if it is more convenient to go to a center to guide them in their studies.

If your son or daughter shows any of the signs that we have presented to you above, you can make an appointment with us and we can advise you with the aim of getting your son or daughter to carry out the school year. For this you can call us by phone or write us an email to the following contact form.


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