Our goal in the secondary stage is to continue providing a quality education so that the student continues to enjoy their learning, covering the secondary education curriculum of Navarra. We continue to bet on a low ratio, having a maximum of 10 students in class, so the attention is 300% higher than in what we can find in the educational system. In addition, our methodology is focused on the motivation of the student above all, since we consider that the acquisition of the contents come alone, through the practice and innate exploration present in the students.

Given our commitment to translate our methodology into the different levels that make up compulsory education, we opened this first stage of secondary education in our center, thus consolidating the knowledge acquired by students in primary school.

The curriculum corresponding to the first cycle of Secondary Education has the following subjects, 50% of them being taught in English:

  • Math / Maths
  • Spanish Language and Literature
  • Biology and Geology and Geography and History
  • Physics and Chemistry
  • Technology / IT
  • English
  • Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Ethics Values


* The teaching load is expressed in number of sessions.

Continuing with the same primary methodology, we work on emotional and social aspects in the student, making debates about any aspect related to the center and their experiences outside it, as well as relevant facts of the present. Art and sport are very important pillars that we do not have to neglect at this stage.




Children's Ed. (3-5 years)
Primary Ed. (6-11 years)

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