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Our methodology in the primary stage focuses mainly on the adaptation of learning to the characteristics and rhythms of the students. We are based on teaching based on motivation, this being the engine to generate in the student their curiosity to learn.

We offer a bilingual education promoting immersion in all subjects of the primary curriculum, being the following:

  • Maths/Mathematics: The subject is presented in two languages, Spanish and English (in an immersive way).

  • Spanish Language: It is taught in Spanish, working on reading comprehension, grammar, literary expression, among others. We promote reading in both English and Spanish.

  • Natural Science and Social Science: Both subjects are carried out in Spanish and English, making an authentic immersion in the language gradually, regardless of the level that the student has.

  • English Grammar: Although the language is present in several subjects to work on speaking and listening, what we work in this space in a deeper way is both its grammar and its vocabulary.

  • Arts: A very important part of the student's development. Art education is carried out through Drama, Music, Body Expression and Crafts.

  • Physical Education: Physical activity, body language and sport is very important in student development, and has great value in our program.

  • In touch with nature: We change the usual scenario for a natural environment to continue learning and putting our knowledge into practice.


Likewise, apart from the subjects present in the curriculum, we work on emotional and social aspects in the student, holding assemblies both at the beginning of the week and at the end so that students freely comment on any aspect related to school and their experiences outside it. Likewise, the work of emotional intelligence is worked on in all subjects equally.




*The teaching load is expressed in number of sessions.

Emotional intelligence is worked on and managed in all subjects of the curriculum.


Ed. (3-5 years)
Educación alternativa secundaria
Ed. (12-15 years)

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