Our center has vocational teachers who truly believe in an education that inspires love of learning from the earliest age so that today's children have a happy and successful life tomorrow. We believe that learning from the earliest age should be carried out by creative and passionate teachers.

Our early childhood education program (3 to 5 years) is very well developed. Our faculty create an environment where learning becomes a natural, fun and rewarding experience that keeps intact and in turn promotes the integrity of each child's imagination and innate curiosity. This environment fosters a varied, active, comprehensive and content-rich curriculum. We call this curriculum our 'Learning Discovery Blocks'.It creates a projection of each child not only to easily move on to the primary stage, but also to become enthusiastic learners throughout their entire lives. This initial program also prepares students for active and motivating learning, which also happens in the primary stage. Finally, the main objective of this program is to foster the taste for marveling at the world around us while learning from it, equipping our students with a successful and promising future.

Our methodology in the infant stage focuses mainly on the curiosity, motivation and cognitive development of the child, respecting their pace of maturity and learning.

We offer a fully immersive bilingual education in which all areas are taught in English except one hour in mathematics and the language area (basic knowledge shared in English and Spanish), leaving the areas as follows:

  • Maths/Math

  • Language: Communication and Language/Reading and Writing.

  • World Discovery

  • Español: Communication and Vocabulary

  • Guided play
  • Expressive Arts

  • Music
  • Physical Education


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*The teaching load is expressed in number of sessions.


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Ed. (6-11 years)
Educación alternativa secundaria
Ed. (12-15 years)

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