Our main goal is to provide a quality education that is focused mainly on student enjoyment and motivation while following strictly the Primary Education curriculum of Navarre. With a really low ratio, we are able to provide personalized attention that other traditional schools cannot achieve.

Additionally, our methodology is centered on student motivation, above all, because through it we believe that acquiring the content presented in the curriculum comes about through practice and innate exploration present in students. We work with general projects that cover all the classes. Some of the projects we have worked on are "Living Things" or "The Universe". All the classes are present in the project and many of its activities are related to the project worked on.

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What is our school like?

In our school, the main purpose that we propose as teachers is to give a quality education, focused mainly on the enjoyment and motivation of the students. Likewise, we rigorously follow the curriculum of Primary Education and the first cycle of Secondary Education of Navarra.

Low ratio of students in class

Our educational center has a really low ratio, with which we manage to have a personal attention that other traditional centers can not achieve. In addition, our methodology is focused on the motivation of the student above all. Thanks to it, we consider that the acquisition of the present contents comes alone, through the practice and innate exploration present in the students.

Transversal and globalizing education

In this primary and lower secondary school we work with general projects that encompass all subjects. Some of the ones we have already worked on are “Living Beings” or “Me in the Universe”. All the subjects are present in the project and many of its activities carried out are related to the project worked. In the same way, the arts are present in a significant way throughout the school curriculum, in a transversal way and affecting all areas.

Children’s Ed. (3-5 years)
Primary Ed. (6-11 years)
Educación alternativa secundaria
Secondary Ed. (12-15 years)

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